Basement Flooding Prevention Grant Application

This is a financial assistance pilot program to help homeowners reduce the likelihood of basement flooding. To be eligible for grant assistance you must be the owner of and reside at the single-family, duplex or triplex home within the North-East Flood Remediation Study Area of Brantford where the grant is to be used. Property taxes must be paid current and your house must not still be under a new construction warranty. Furthermore, as a qualifying applicant, you must not have received a subsidy from the City of Brantford through a previous Basement Flooding Prevention Grant Program, (i.e. 2010).

Any remedial works completed prior to approval of the grant application will not be eligible for grant assistance under this program with the exception of homeowners who applied for the Residential Compassionate Flood Relief Grant Program in 2017 and completed works after August 11th, 2017. For more guidance on the application process on what is required and what to expect please see our Application Process.